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H&R Block Premium Tax Software
2019 - 2020

The H&R Block Premium Edition wraps itself up as a really useful piece of investment and education software all rolled up in a premium tax preparation software package.

As an investor, I know a software package that can help you get the most out of investments is essential when tax season rolls around.

I have found the HR Block Premium Edition is a great way to insure I'm getting every tax break I can out of my investments.

Truth be told, you can spend a lot of time and money on financial education classes for your investments and still not get the higher education for investment taxation that's included in the H&R Block Premium income tax software package.

H&R Block Premium tax preparation software is preprogrammed to answer the investment questions you may have, along with finding every tax deduction for your tax preparation process.

Is H&R Block Premium Edition Right For You?

H&R Block Premium is the right choice if you need:

As an investor, your should know that it's always important to take advantage of every tax deduction possible in order to keep your tax bill down. It doesn't make any sense to work hard all year and not tax full advantage of tax breaks.

It's really not surprising that American taxpayers get overwhelmed with all the credits, benefits and deductions that need to be discovered when preparing their tax returns.

Fortunately, the H&R Block Premium Edition offers a clean interface that can guide you to these tax breaks in several ways. Get your investment taxation questions answered in a user friendly way with today's fully guided step by step tax preparation process.

H&R Block Premium will help you sharpen your skills when it comes to taking advantage of all the financial tax deductions available for investments and investors.

The H&R Block Premium Edition Features Offer Extended Support For Investment Tax Filers:

  • Get H&R Block DeductionPro software to maximize tax savings from charitable donations and contributions.

  • Personalized tax guidance is top rated for popular occupations and industry specific tax deductions.

  • Included Audit support with guidance, when you file a federal or state return. An H&R Block enrolled agent will represent you in the event of an audit. .

  • Available live tax advice from an H&R Block tax professional.

  • Guidance for reporting  home sales, investments, dividends, and retirement income.

  • Advice, tips, and planning tools for the upcoming year.

  • Money-saving tools for self-employed Schedule C filers.

  • Easily import W-2, 1099, and data from last year's return.

  • Quickly import data from TaxCut, TurboTax, Quicken, Microsoft Money, and H&R Block DeductionPro software.

The H&R Block Premium Edition allows you to import your investment information from popular financial programs like Microsoft Money and Quicken.

This helps accurately report investment sales by guiding you through the process and automatically calculating capital gains and losses for you.

HR Block Premium allows taxpayers to import data or enter it all manually. It's a great feature that integrates well with top rated financial management software brands.

H&R Block Software Tax Law Updates

H&R Block software updates are free and automatic for the online editions, and it asks you permission to update your desktop versions when the tax laws change.

Additional Features of H&R Block Premium:

  • Test what if scenarios: You can make changes wherever needed to see how it effects your taxes so you can better estimate for future tax filing.

  • H&R Block helps with tips, warnings and suggestions, including red flags for errors on your tax return.